Case Manager

Technology is everywhere.

Individuals use technology daily to help them complete tasks and make their lives easier. That same technology is being used to help increase the quality of life and self-sufficiency of those living with disabilities.

Technology is NOT an absence of supervision, but a way to extend the reach of caregivers. Technology solutions allow case managers to coordinate with family, natural supports, and service providers to achieve more effective and efficient support plans. Not every option is right for every person served—there is seldom a one-size-fits-all solution—but technology can be customized and augmented to fit individual needs.

As a hub of information, the Technology Resource Center serves as a guide to implement technology solutions—it all starts with a conversation.

Begin the process to:

  • Find out what technology is available
  • Learn which technology supports will work best
  • View success stories that can be shared with persons served and their family members
  • Learn more about state funding and regulations

The Conversation for Case Managers

The conversation is a collaboration between case managers, persons served, advocates, and providers to explore how using technology can increase independence and safety of the individual supported.

The Planning for Case Managers

Planning is a continuation of the conversation between individuals, families, providers, and case managers to finalize the technology solutions that will increase the independence and safety of the person supported.

During the planning phase, a formal exploration of possible technology solutions occurs. Case managers will work to help individuals identify and express their goals and desired lifestyle. Once goals have been established, the case manager will also help individuals express these ideals to other members of the team, making sure their voices are heard.

The Funding for Case Managers

Case managers are ultimately responsible for authorizing the type and amount of waiver services or any other government funded equipment and/or services. Determining the person’s eligibility for different funding and technology supports/services is the same as for any other support.

The Implementation for Case Managers

From initial conversations to exploring individual technology support options, the team (providers, families, self advocates, and case managers) has worked diligently and thoughtfully to build a plan that focuses on the needs and wishes of the individual supported—both their safety and security as well as desired lifestyle goals.

Now that the technology supports have been assessed and agreed upon, it is time to physically put the solutions in place and move forward with their utilization.

The Measurement for Case Managers

When measuring the success of the technology implementation, case managers should help families and self-advocates voice their opinions, their likes and dislikes, and maintain assurance that adjustments to the plan will occur in order to fine-tune supports to match goals.