ARRM Technology First Policy

ARRM Technology First Policy

Technology First aims to promote and expand access to technology supports for people with disabilities to assist in maximizing control over their daily lives, and to look first to assistive technologies when creating or modifying care plans. 

ARRM Workforce Solutions Technology Committee Resolution

ARRM shall endeavor to develop or secure broad reaching educational tools/resources and person centered planning tools which incorporate technology for use by ARRM, its members and other service system partners, to educate and move/reform the service system.

ARRM Technology Initiative – Progress Report

The ARRM Technology Initiative began in 2016 with the intention of seriously moving the needle on the adoption of supportive technologies for people with disabilities. This effort had the dual purpose of promoting greater independence and better managing increasingly limited human and financial resources. In 2017, we made great strides to further our objective by launching the ARRM Technology Resource Center.