Learn the Basics

It all starts with a conversation—a collaboration between providers, families and persons served, and case managers. From discussions, a plan is put in place, funding is found, and installation and training begin. Following implementation, measurement and evaluation continue to occur, ensuring the solution is working as expected and pinpointing areas for improvement and expansion.

The state of Minnesota has worked to develop methods, funding, and tools for the use of technology. When having the conversation regarding implementation, teams should discuss what is currently happening and how technology resources might apply/benefit the individual(s) they are supporting.

  1. Start the Conversation
  2. Begin Planning
  3. Seek Funding
  4. Implement Technology
  5. Measure Success


Technology 101: Online Training Series

To help promote and spread the use of technology in supporting people with disabilities, a new training course series has been created to get individuals up to speed on the implementation process and familiar with the technology options available today. 

Dubbed ‘Technology 101’, video courses walk support teams through each phase of the technology implementation process, complementing the information and resources already found within the TRC.

For those looking for continuing education credit, each course includes a printable course completion form that may be used to verify completion with your employer or regulatory agency.

Technology 101: The Funding

Technology 101: The Funding walks students through the funding phase of the technology implementation process, including how to identify the different types of funding solution in Minnesota and determine the best funding options based on the person’s needs, goals, and environment

Technology 101: The Planning

Technology 101: The Planning walks students through the planning phase of the technology implementation process, including how to create a technology implementation plan; where to find technology solutions to match individual goals; how to handle privacy and consent; and how to obtain licensing, among other considerations.

Technology 101: The Conversation

The first video training course, “Technology 101: The Conversation,” guides providers, support staff, case managers, and families through the steps necessary to have thoughtful, shared conversations regarding the addition and use of technology in care plans.