ARRM Technology Resource Center

The ARRM Technology Resource Center is part of an initiative by ARRM, its members, and a collection of partners to increase the usage of technology to support people with disabilities. This initiative was launched in early 2016 when the ARRM Board of Directors passed a resolution announcing the organization’s intent to provide tools and promotion to help members take advantage of the resources available. The resolution was based on several factors that make greater utilization of technology critical for the disability services industry:

  • To achieve the goals and outcomes in Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan for community integration and employment, ARRM members and their support team partners will need to utilize all available tools, including various technologies
  • The current workforce shortage is putting intense pressure on providers and people receiving services alike to achieve goals – several uses of technology help use caregiver time and energy more efficiently
  • Workforce and service demand demographic trends necessitate finding alternatives to certain levels of on-site staffing; technology utilization is a critical part of that solution

Read the full ARRM Technology Resolution

The ARRM Technology Resource Center serves as Minnesota’s primary source for information on how to assess, plan, fund, and implement various forms of technology supports. Because implementing technology supports is a three-way conversation and educating each party is critical to its success, the center is designed for providers, service recipients, and case managers.

The Technology Resource Center will be regularly updated with new resources, information, and case studies of how technology is being successfully integrated into services. It will be paired with ongoing educational articles and training events that use these resources to provide practical guidance on implementing technology.

Measuring Success

As stated in the resolution passed by the ARRM Board, this initiative’s intended purpose is to increase the use of technology to support people with disabilities in Minnesota. It has two initial goals:

  • Year-over-year increase in technology usage by ARRM members
  • Year-over-year reduction of on-site staff time in key direct care areas (such as overnight sleep staff) across the state
    • Initial goal to reduce overnight sleep staff hours billed to DHS, while increasing remote monitoring services billed to DHS

Reports on these goals will be issued on an annual basis, using survey responses and billing data submitted to ARRM and the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Get Involved

This initiative is an ongoing process, with new audiences to reach, new questions to answer, and new technology to consider. While an ARRM initiative, this work is supported by a wide range of partners and requires the involvement of many voices and perspectives. If you are interested in this work, you can contribute in several ways:

About ARRM

ARRM is a nonprofit association of more than 200 Minnesota providers, businesses, and advocates dedicated to leading the advancement of community-based services that support people living with disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful lives. ARRM members support people with developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities including autism, brain injury, and mental health needs. People served live in their own homes, adult foster care settings, and other community settings. Founded in 1970, ARRM continues to lead positive industry reforms that support Minnesotans with disabilities. To learn more, visit arrm.org, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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