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A mouth-controlled USB joystick (mouth, chin, cheek, or tongue) that lets users control their computer, mobile device, or switch-controlled devices or AAC system by sip-and-puff functions, or if on a respirator, by switch. Features include an advanced gaming mode for gaming enthusiasts, middle mouse button mode for scrolling capabilities and opening/closing browser tabs, and an alternative mouse mode for people with limited mobility that allows for easier cursor control by gentle nudging. Also available in a more compact, lighter version as JouseLite.

People who do not have the use of their hands or who have limited mobility.

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A portable, expandable, alarm system that can be attached to doors, cabinets, or windows to alert caregivers of activity or to detect wandering.

Medication management can be one of the biggest barriers to independent living. For individuals with disabilities, medications can be one of the most important factors in keeping them healthy and safe, but are often one of the most difficult factors to manage.

The most important step in creating a support for someone you care for is properly identifying the need to be cared for. There are many reasons why this step is important in the grand scheme of helping someone live life to the fullest, but it’s even more important when dealing with technological supports.