With a Little Help from Your Friends

TRC Mentor Network Launch
Monday, June 25, 2018 - 02:33

Technology sounds like a great addition to care plans. You’ve heard it can help increase independence for individuals with disabilities, and assist with staff management and how staff do their jobs. But where do you start? How do you turn conversations into actionable strategies? How do you find the specific technology supports that will work for the individual?


Step 1: Know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution

Step 2: Review the resources available in the Technology Resource Center.


But then what? If only there was a way to connect with other individuals and organizations who have gone through the implementation process before that you could talk to and get answers to your remaining questions. Well, you’re in luck. The recently launched TRC Mentor Network provides just that.  

Who are the Mentors?

TRC Mentors act as guides for those looking to implement technology supports for individuals they serve, their family members, or for themselves.  Mentors are ARRM members from provider and technology vendor organizations (and soon, self-advocates), who have gone through the technology implementation process before and are available to provide guidance for those looking to get started or at any stage during implementation.

Provider Mentors offer their time and expertise to help answer questions individuals or organizations might have regarding the technology implementation process. They are available to help share their experiences, provide general information, and offer recommendations.

Vendor Mentors offer free, no-obligation consultations to provide answers to questions and offer solutions. Vendor Mentors are available to discuss what to expect during implementation, how certain items work, or what costs might be involved.

While there may come a point when the nature of your interactions with a Mentor changes from ‘mentorship’ to ‘business consultant’, the initial contact is a sales-free environment and a great way to figure out options and next steps.

How to get connected with a Mentor:

Visit the mentor page to view Mentor areas of expertise along with their availability to help guide you to the correct person for your particular question(s).


Visit the ARRM Technology Resource Center to learn about more success stories and case studies showing how technology is changing the lives of those living with disabilities or learn more about how to start the conversation.

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