The Conversation

Implementing technology supports into a care plan starts with a conversation. Safety, security, independence level and desire are all components care teams take into consideration when assessing what resources are available for an individual. Technology is not a one-size-fits-all solution; but through conversations between individuals, family members, providers, and case managers, a plan can be put in place to help increase independence, promote self-sufficiency, and achieve success for all parties involved.

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Learn the keys to a successful conversation and be ready to answer common questions from self-advocates, family members, and case managers.

Start the Conversation

Family & Self-Advocates

Learn how to start the conversation with case managers and providers to identify goals and outcomes technology might be able to assist with.

Start the Conversation

Case Managers

Begin the conversation with self-advocates, family, and providers to find the right mix of technology uses available to implement in care plans.

Start the Conversation




Additional resources for starting the conversation

Person Centered Technology Assessment

Person Centered Technology Assessment

This document was created to support initial conversations related to using technology supports for people served by Hammer Residences, Inc. Hammer staff utilize this document after an initial general consultation and is intended to describe the individual’s functional skills and abilities concerning the need for technology as a support as well as outline possible solutions and future outcome documentation.