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12 days of supportive technology

12 Days of Technology Recap

Follow ARRM on Facebook? If so, you may have caught some of our ‘12 Days of Technology’ post series. Each day, December 13–December 24, we featured a new piece of technology that is helping individuals with disabilities live more independently. In case you missed any of the tech, here is the roundup—the Technology Resource Center’s 12 Days of Technology 2019.

Getting in the Game: Adaptive Sporting Equipment banner

Getting in the Game

There’s something about fall that makes you want to get outdoors. Cooling temperatures, falling leaves, the promise of caramel apples, and football (or the food that accompanies watching football) are the favorites of some. For others, activities like hiking, archery, and hunting make the list. With fall sports in play, and winter sports on the horizon, it’s important to note that many sports and activities are accessible to everyone—you just need the right equipment.

Getting to Know Assistive Technology

Assistive technology devices can either be created at home, purchased and used off the shelf, modified, and/or customized to meet individual goals and needs. From low-tech options such as toy or game modification to high-tech devices that include voice recognition or elopement monitors, assistive technology is empowering those with disabilities to live, work, and play in the most independent way possible.

Meet the Mentors

TRC mentors are individuals who have gone through the technology implementation process and wish to help others on their tech solution journeys. Provider mentors are champions for technology use within their organizations and have first-hand experience in finding, funding, and facilitating technology solutions which not only provide increased independence for individuals, but also assist in extending support staff reach as well.